It's all about BELIEVE


"Who's the most powerful of them all?"

The movie Captain Marvel made people speculate of her being the all powerful, having the much needed 'extra terrestrial supernatural power' to defeat Thanos.

But after watching the movie, Avenger's endgame, the mass made Scarlet witch the most powerful Avenger because of her fighting scene with Thanos.

Even before Captain Marvel, people never stopped debating on who's the most powerful Avenger- Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America?

This debate is never ending..... But have you noticed something? At the time of adversity the much needed power automatically comes from within- making you the hero. It's all about BELIEVE- if you believe in yourself then no problem can remain unsolved and the same has been proven time and again by the marvel series...

So never stop believing in yourself as you are the hero to your own story.

Originally published in Wrytin on June 11 2019.