Pool of blood

Lying in the pool of blood, I resist any movement. I fear, what if I spoil my clothes? what if I spoil my bedsheets?

It's the same story every month. I don't feel like using a plug but just let it flow out. I stay in my bed, covered in sheets knowing that I am bleeding,  knowing that my clothes and sheets are probably gonna ruin but still I stay in my bed.

I wonder what if we bled only for a day or maybe just for an hour or the best of all... never!

I wonder that did nature made us bleed to get habituated to the notion of blood for be able to give life at a later stage?

I know tomorrow will be a tough day. I will have to remove the blood stains that now run loose but still I prefer to stay in my bed. 

My sleep will be disturbed, I might feel uneasy, I might not stretch and sleep as I would want to, but this temptation of lying in the blood is far greater. 

I often wonder that is it only me who likes to do it this way? Am I the only one who wants my body to just breathe in peace and not suffocate it?

Well it's an exaggeration! There is no pool of blood but it does feel like one. Doesn't it?