Are you tired?

I can't do this anymore! I am f***ing tired of all that is going inside my head. 

Have you ever felt the same? The rush? The rush to do things or the rush to solve the problems? And in that rush you somehow entangle yourself more and more into the thoughts running inside your head which eventually bursts out open through tears in your eyes?

I PRETEND to know everything or maybe I do know everything! People come to me looking for answers and solutions to their problems and somehow I manage to provide them what they were seeking but I fail to provide solutions for my own problems! 

Such a loser I am! 

Have you encountered that feeling- where you worked a lot for something to happen and when finally the D day comes you somehow mess it up. And it just took one small step of your stupidity to ruin all your efforts since the very first day!

I thought coming out, sharing your problems with others might make me feel lighter and eventually I will forget the episodes which I want to forget...  but guess what? It seems those episodes are in love with me.. they don't wanna leave me and prefer haunting me, stalking me.. day in and day out.

You know there are days when things are going just fine... you woke up fine... doing all the chores which you should be doing or rather you chose to be doing and then just out of nowhere a random thought passes by, which ruins your whole mood- you start questioning yourself... what am I doing? Is this what I wanted? Is this REALLY what I wanted? 

Answers to these can be as simple as a yes or a no but only if life was so simple and easy, I wouldn't have even started writing this blog!

I wrote this piece just to give you readers an assurance that we all go through the same or maybe I am giving an assurance to myself that I am not alone!!!!